Learn 5 Things To Do If You’re Getting Married In The Great Smoky Mountains

Few places in the world are as magical or beautiful as the Great Smoky Mountains. Found mostly in Western North Carolina and a little bit in Eastern Tennessee, these ridges and valleys are a gorgeous place that makes for a prime vacation destination for many from spring to fall. If you’re already aware of all of this, that might be why you and the one you intend to marry have chosen this region for your upcoming union. Keep reading to learn 5 things to do if you’re getting married here.

1) Make reservations early and confirm everything: The Great Smoky Mountains get crowded quickly each season, so find your event venue, accommodations for cabins in Gatlinburg TN, and parking far in advance and then book them as solidly as you can.

2) Don’t expect privacy or exclusivity: Much of the Smokies are public parks, so even if you reserve a spot for a wedding, there might be tourists roaming or lurking nearby. Be prepared to share spaces or have non-wedding people in photo backgrounds or making noise.

3) Consider which season might serve you best: May and June are common wedding months, but the park is also going to be quite crowded. Going even in July or August will still feature very comfortable weather and long days of sunlight. Going during the school year might mean fewer crowds, but also fewer guests able to attend. Going too early in May or in April might mean some ridges aren’t even in full bloom yet. Scheduling an October wedding for fall color is tempting, but timing can vary from year to year with unpredictability. The June fireflies are a bit more consistent and can make for great photography.

4) Think about Gatlinburg or Asheville for your honeymoon: The Great Smoky Mountains are worthy of a vacation of their own, but any friends or family you invite might extend their trip to visit the area themselves. Eliminate the chance of bumping into them with a romantic getaway to nearby mountain highlights and resort areas, which Asheville and Gatlinburg both have in abundance, so you can enjoy privacy after the big day.

5) Direct family and guests towards flying out of Atlanta: If you’re going to be in North Carolina for your Great Smoky Mountain wedding, you might think that Charlotte is going to be the place to fly in and out of. Charlotte’s biggest city as a top-10 airport in terms of passenger volume through Douglas International. However, Atlanta is physically closer to many parts of the Smokies, and given that its airport is sometimes the world’s biggest and busiest, it has much more flight selection and typically cheaper fares. Part of that is the increased competition, since Charlotte’s airport is dominated by American Airlines.

Many more factors and decisions will present themselves in the process of getting ready for your big day, but these 5 should help you make the most of your Great Smoky Mountain wedding.